Riyo started with producing boxes for textiles - principally - yarns & garments.

Over the years the customer base broadened to include :
  • Electronics
  • Plastics
  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Food
  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Corrugated Boxes
    • 3 ply - B Flute, C Flute
    • 5 ply - BC Flute
    • Top - Paper Kraft / white top kraft / duplex
    • 1 to 4 colour flexo print
    • Options of Riptape, Die cut, special coatings
    • Glue / wire stitch joint
    • E-flute boxes with upto 6 colour offset printing

  • Mono Multicoloured printed boxes
    • FBB, SBS, DUPLEX paper
    • Upto 6 colour

  • Paper Pallets

Branding of a certain quality range of our corrugated boxes has now begun.

This entails that every production cycle goes through dual quality inspection.

Each branded product is targeted for a specific end-use and necessitates the incorporation of various grades of paper and production processes.

Riyo is in the industry to raise the bar and set new benchmarks in product quality.

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