Riyo has earned a name for a no - nonsense quality supplier since initiation.

We deliver what is promised. Consistency of quality is unmatched.

It is no wonder that several of our customer entrust us to cater 100 % of their corrugated needs without worry, concerning quality or service. It is a challenge and we are excited to deliver.

Over the years Riyo has nurtured, tested and chosen the best suppliers locally as well as from overseas, may it be kraft paper, printing ink or adhesives.

Each and every roll of paper is checked for essential parameters which forms the basis of the final product. Regular checks at board production & post conversion are done to ensure adherence to standards and production of a flawless product.

At Riyo we are constantly upgrading testing equipment & methods to meet the rigorous demands of the most discerning customers.


  • Burst Testing Machine for Paper & Board
  • Crush Testing Machine for Paper RCT & Board ECT/FCT
  • Box Compression Testing Machine
  • Box Puncture Testing Machine
  • Paper Tear Testing Machine
  • COBB Tester
  • Adhesive & effluent checking equipments

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